Ride for Black Lives

A peaceful ride with a peaceful message of LOVE and UNITY.

About Ride for Black Lives

Our mission is to create habitual community participation and growth. Building a community within the cycling world and using that as a vehicle to spread love peace and unity. We are here to keep the conversation going for the necessary changes needed within our society. Promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle while cultivating awareness, business, and support for BIPOC businesses and communities. We provide a platform for all to be feel included, welcomed, and supported; fostering the idea that you can make a difference for your self and others. We will be the energy that helps sparks an idea for change, innovation, and the evolution of our nation.


I’ve been an attendee and supporter at Ride for Black Lives since 2020, and it’s been an amazing outlet for me in the realm of demonstration and protest as well as health and wellbeing. On this particular evening, I decided to take my camera and capture moments and elements of the ride in action, including the leader of the pack, Ron Holden.