Quadrascopic Visual Media

About Quadrascopic (3D) Photography

This technique comes from using a specialized camera, the Nishika n8000 which is a novelty camera made in the 80’s. The camera uses basic 35mm film, and it takes four simultaneous photos from slightly different angles. When all four images are paired, it enables this unique three dimensional photo effect. Because of the recent popularity of the effect, there are many apps that attempt to duplicate it, but the true way to achieve the unblemished effect is with this camera, or a similar type of camera. Here are some examples of the camera at use, which is a great addition to event photography and gatherings, adding a unique style and angle at documentation. 

Using Quadrascopic Photography for Video

When the motion gif is exported, it leads the way to use the gif with other video assets. These are some videos I edited using the quadrascopic gifs and other video and photo elements.