Makossa Cookout

Promo video for Makossa LA (June)

Promo video for Makossa Atlanta

Promo video for Makossa LA (August)

ProjectMakossa Cookout
RolesDJ / Videographer / Photographer
Cities LA, NY, CHI, CTL, ATL


Makossa Cookout is a seasonal summer daytime event that occurs in multiple cities around the country, namely New York and Los Angeles. A party that has been thriving for over 10 years, Makossa specalizes in playing music from various eras and diaspora while having a food accompanyment. Overall, Makossa is a vibe is synonomous with color and positivity. 


These videos are examples of some of our promotional material for our past events.

Photos from Makossa LA

Photos by Scott LaRockwell

Photos from Makossa Chicago

Photos by KD Davis