The Jealous Guys | Bus Stop Jazz

Description: This is a song from the Jealous Guys’ project entitled Bus Stop Jazz. It was originally released in 2010, and I loved the song upon hearing it. I’ve always conceptualized a video to this song with a montage of MUNI buses (San Francisco’s public transportation system), and since The Jealous Guys are based in San Francisco, I thought the concept would be fitting.

I attempted to show the beauty in the simplicity of a usually mundane, arduous, or even anxiety-producing task of taking the bus. I personally have spent many hours on MUNI over the years, and this video is reflective of the many moods, personalities, and scenes that a city bus trip offers. I took the bus around San Francisco using creative angles from the perspective of a bus rider to the interior and exterior of buses, as well as the signature cables that San Francisco MUNI uses. I also wanted to keep the footage shaky and “raw” to simulate the ruggedness of the bus riding experience.

Shot by Halline Overby (Canon 5D)
Edited by Halline Overby (Final Cut Pro)