Roy Ayers Project

The Roy Ayers Project is a multitude of things, all which directly and indirectly tribute Roy Ayers and his contributions to music and incredible career which has spanned over fifty years. The Roy Ayers Project is first and foremost a documentary film, paying tribute to the legend by showing exclusive interviews with Roy Ayers’ contemporaries as well as artists and personalities who are influenced by the music, philosophy, and personality of Roy.

For this project, I serve as creator, producer, and director. I have built this project from the ground up, including designing the logo, building the site via WordPress, planning and conducting interviews, directing a small crew of talented individuals (Ariel Nuñez, Tony Ng, and others), organizing, and many more tasks that have produced an amazing project highlighting one of jazz’s great musicians and personalities.

Below are a few snippet trailers that show the video aspect of the Roy Ayers Project. For more information on the Roy Ayers Project, visit

Roy Ayers Project: Who Is Roy Ayers?

Roy Ayers Project: Bobbito Garcia

Roy Ayers Project: Questlove