The idea of Journalism and Essay Through Photography or JAETP (pronounced “jay-t-p”) is to organize my thoughts which are manifested while pursuing photography. In the process of walking through Atlanta for the first time and learning about the city through my own discoveries, I thought to myself ‘this’ is what I love doing.

What I simply call a “photo excursion”, I love to travel through specific areas of a city and capture what makes that part of the city special, from the minute detail to the general landmarks. An example of my focus is finding uniqueness through signage and typography, style and architecture, and other things that give the area character. Although it is impossible to capture the entire essence of a city in one excursion, I hope to at least serve as a glimpse of perspective from the life the traveler.

Hopefully JAETP will help give a sustainability to my photography from a journalistic approach, rather than having my photos discarded after a day or buried on a timeline. I feel as if documentation is the most important assignment for the artist, especially for the artists of color, because our stories must be told.