As a listener and a performer, music has always been a constant throughout my life, and growing up, I was lucky to attend a public school with an excellent music program. Through middle school and high school, I was a percussionist in every program that was available to me; concert band, orchestra, marching band, jazz band, and I, along with my high school, was lucky enough to play with the LA Philharmonic and travel through Spain on a 10 date tour. During the summer of 1997 when I was about to enter college, I made the transition from a percussionist to a DJ.

Through the years, I performed as a DJ at countless venues, while priding myself in my mixtape recording sessions. Before I get into the process, I always said to myself that I wanted my recordings to be timeless. I never wanted to focus on playing the hottest jams, or the trendy songs, I wanted to my mixtapes to have replay value, something that you can listen to months and years down the line. In the earlier years, I made mostly tapes that I would dub one by one, and sell to friends. I recorded and sold close to 10 different mixes, and I had many return customers. I continued to gig heavily in the early 2000’s, but I didn’t make too many recordings because I didn’t have the means. In 2005, I bought the first computer I’ve ever owned, a brand new iMac. After that, I fell in love with the recording process once again.

Most of the recordings that I have available for download were recordings that I made from 2005-2010. During that span, I’ve made over 20 different releases which have all been sold, bought, dubbed, passed around, shared, and downloaded. In addition to making mixes, I also made many remixes and re-edits, and an occasional beat. As a working DJ, it was important to stay true to the pact that I made to myself when I began DJing, I strongly believe that all of my mixtapes have a timeless quality, sounding as fresh as they do now as they did back when I recorded them. All of my mixes have a theme, and are a cohesive listening experience. Today, I’m mostly a listener, but I still gig a few times a month, doing what I do. My mantra throughout the years has been simple: Sharing music, serving people. I feel good knowing I’ve stayed true to that throughout all these years.

Check out my mixtape page to download my mixes or my soundcloud page to listen to my work.

Thank you.