Artistic Approach

Three consistent ideals that go into my expression.


To preserve the artistic elements of people, places, things & ideals through visual media and art with an emphasis on Black people, people of color, and their communities.


To reinforce the traditional concept of sharing and absorbing art, history, ideas, and stories though multi-media, artistic expression, and oral communication.


To document our activities, ideas, and customs for future generations to learn from and enjoy,while upholding the values and traditions of those who came before us. We want to be the ones to tell our stories, keeping in mind that if we don’t tell our stories, someone else will. 


Exp. 6 Years

A Photographer with 7 years experience, specializing in urban topography and events, utilizing color pallets, composition, and realism. Proficient in digital and film format (35mm & 120mm).



Exp. 12 years

Specializing in short form video content with a specification for social media content. My skills include shooting and editing, with the ability to create and utilize motion graphics and titles.  



Exp. 10 years

In addition to creating graphic design elements in my videography, I have specialized in creating clean and engaging designs for event flyers, social media campaigns, and logo design.



Exp. 20 years

A lifelong music lover, I have been a working DJ for the past 20 years, DJing at functions and venues across the country. My motto is Sharing Music, Serving People, and it’s what I do every time I DJ.


Let's Work Together

All ideas grow from other ideas